The CHING brand was officially established in 1997 with the debut of their Proprietary Full-Color Golf-Disc Printing Technology. Their presence in the disc golf industry quickly rocketed with a reputation for cutting edge graphics and improved flight stability. This marked a revolutionary improvement to hotstamp images on flying plastic, it also perked their interest in flying disc technology, development, and production. It wasn't long before they were dabbling in disc production; a range of four models was collaborated using contracted molding & distribution for the original ('military') CHING Power Line. The function and categorical marketing of these discs defined what are now considered to be the most common types of golf discs: Distance Drivers, Fairway Drivers, Midrange, and Putt & Approach.

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Sniper Military Stamp 175g OOP Chalky Vintage Ching New PRIME Disc Golf

Sniper Wreath Stamp 149g OOP Yellow Vintage Ching New PRIME Disc Golf

Velocity Supreme 175g Ching GUMMY Chalky Sticky Blue PRIME Disc Golf Rare

MOJO Juju Fusion 168g EXTREMELY RARE Ching Red OOP New PRIME Disc Golf

Innova Stir fry Archangel Ching Stamp Disc Golf Driver

250 Producced Ching Process to make this a true flat top Glow KC Roc 10X Mold


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