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A little about Disc Golf Association and their golf discs.

Disc Golf Association (DGA) is both the leading manufacturer of disc golf baskets for the sport of disc golf and the company that founded the sport over 30 years ago. For the last three decades Disc Golf Association has worked both in the forefront and behind the scenes to sow the seeds of the sport. Today disc golf has become one of the fastest growing sports in the United States and is extending its reach into South America, Europe, and Asia.

Since 1975, their Disc Pole Holes have met the needs of the top professionals and top recreational disc golf players by providing the finest quality, the best performance, and the most choices for the sport. They specialize in manufacturing disc golf baskets and course equipment and they can meet your courses needs with the best equipment options. For these reasons over two thirds of all disc golf courses have chosen DGA’s Mach Series™ Disc Pole Holes™ making their baskets the player-preferred and #1 selling baskets in disc golf.

Disc Golf Association (DGA) also has Performance Golf Discs for all levels of play.

--- Performance Golf Discs ---

SP Line Golf Discs

SP Line Plastic is DGA's top end professional premium blend of plastic. DGA SP Line™ discs will fly faster and be slightly more overstable than DGA ProLine™ golf discs. Prior to 2010 DGA produced SP discs™ on a very limited basis for specific tournaments as "Sparkle" discs. In 2010 DGA's SP Line™ became available to the public in a slightly modified sparkle plastic blend providing additional grip and durability.

SP Line™ discs have sparkle flakes suspended in transparent plastic. 2010 molds are vibrant reds, cool blues and transparent clears. The first spring 2010 release of the SP Line™ discs include SP Line™ Rogue™, SP Line™ Squall™ and SP Line™ Reef™. Additional SP Line™ discs to be released in 2011.

ProLine Golf Discs

DGA ProLine discs provide an uncompromising collection of performance discs combining DGAs new molds with their new super grip, super durable blend of plastics. For the advanced player, their new ProLine discs are custom made only for the DGA® by Discraft, the world leader in disc manufacturing for disc sports.

Signature Line Golf Discs

The Signature Line is known for its one of a kind rubber plastics, putt and approach performance and excellent plastic memory. These are those "Steady" Ed old style discs you have been hearing about. With their unique sticky grip and incredible durability, there is nothing else like them.

RDGA Line Discs

The RDGA line offers a full range of 150 gram discs for the recreational disc golf player. Much of the industry focuses on harder to throw heavier discs. Heavier discs are great for the advanced player and for competition play but tend to be less ideal for the general recreational player.


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