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A little about Discraft and their Golf Discs

Discraft was started in 1978 by Jim Kenner who wanted to make better high performance sports discs including disc golf discs. Since then, Discraft has built a reputation for quality and consistency using engineering-grade polymers and precision craftsmanship. They offer five lines of plastic.

--- The Pro D plastic offers value and quality for beginner and pro disc golfers. It is the least expensive yet provides consistent grippy feel and flight in a wide variety of colors.

--- The Elite X plastic is more durable, is highly gripable even when wet, has excellent memory, and is great for distance and consistent flights.

--- The Elite Z plastic is the toughest, most durable disc golf plastic. It is nearly indestructible, available in ultra vibrant colors and provides truer flights and reliability.

--- The ESP plastic, which made its debut in 2006, is an advanced polymer plastic that is ultra tough and grippy... more durable than the X line and grippier that the Z line.

--- Finally, the FLX plastic is Discraft's best all weather plastic. It was originally designed as a cold weather alternative to firmer plastic, but disc golfers love it year around. It is flexible without being spongy or floppy, retains original stability whether wet or dry, hot or cold. FLX offers the best grip and durability available to disc golfers.


Each Discraft disc is rated for stability. At the far end of this scale is a stability rating of 3.0, which indicates a very overstable and difficult to control disc, such as the Predator driver, which has a rating of 2.5. Discs with a high stability rating will have a tendancy to 'hyzer,' and you may find it challenging to keep them flying straight.

At the opposite end of the stability scale is a rating of -3.0, which indicates a very understable disc. These are much more easy to control, especially when the discs are new. Nearly all discs become somewhat less overstable as they wear.

The bottom line for your needs regarding stability is this: as an average player look for discs with a lower stability rating. Any Discraft disc with a stability rating at or below 1.0 will be more suited for your game.


The weight of a disc can also affect its stability. The rule of thumb is: a heavier version of any given disc will tend to be slightly more overstable than a lighter version of the same disc. Many of the pro golfers on Team Discraft throw the heaviest discs available. That's fine for pros, but you will want to start with some lighter weights such as 166 grams.

Some Discraft discs are also available in a special lightweight class known as '150 Class.' These discs all weigh 150 grams or less, and are generally the lightest golf discs available. They can be very easy to throw, and will go a country mile! Give one a try.

Blah Blah Blah, I just need a disc!

Okay, okay. Let's cut to the chase.

There is some internal debate at Discraft about which model is the absolute perfect disc as a player's first disc but in my opinion the perfect starter disc, and the best golf disc ever is: The Buzzz

The Buzzz is a midrange disc with a stability rating of 0.5. It won't get squirrely on you: throw it flat, it flies flat. Throw it left, it goes left. Throw it hard, it goes far. And it has just a twinge of overstabilty, which will take you a long way toward understanding how other golf discs fly. So grab one and go. Ten years from now, you'll still be throwing it... and winning.


Below are some suggestions for various drivers, mids and putt/approach discs for you to get started with. Our top picks for you are at the top of each category. Each is linked to that model's web page if you'd like to read more or purchase. See you on the course!

(listed in order of our recommendations for new players)

---- Drivers ----

Impact, Stability:0.0, General Purpose, Flies flat, or holds the line you put it on. Durable ESP.

Stratus, Stability:-1.0, General Purpose, Flies flat when new, very easy to control. Great for beginners.

Xpress, Stability:-1.0, General Purpose, An excellent choice for a first driver.

Glide, Stability:-1.5, Long Life, If you like the high tech Z plastic, try the Glide.

Cyclone, Stability:0.0, Controlled Distance, A classic driver, thrown by thousands of players.

---- Midrange ----

Buzzz, Stability:0.5, General Purpose, Best golf disc ever. Hugely popular with all skill levels. Excellent accuracy.

Comet, Stability:0.0, General Purpose, Another contender for best golf disc ever. Goes where you throw it without argument.

Meteor, Stability:-0.5, Turnover Shots, Holds an excellent line, amazing glide.

---- Putt and Approach ----

Putt'r, Stability:0.0, Flies Flat, Great for putts and short drives.

Rattler, Stability:0.0, General Purpose, Think of it as the Comet of putters. Easy to throw, goes where you send it.

Soft APX, Stability:0.0, Consistent Release, A flat flier with excellent grip.

Magnet, Stability:0.0, General Purpose, Discraft's flagship putter is great to learn with, good in the wind too.


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