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A little about Gateway Discs Sports and their golf discs.

The Gateway Disc Sports line of golf discs offers players the most innovative and dynamic product line available in the sport. They use a combination of polymers in each of their 12 different molds, giving each disc the desired flexibility, surface feel and flight characteristics that players demand. Their ultra-popular Wizard comes in 4 flexibilities: SuperSoft, Soft, Medium and Firm. Gateway golf discs will make you a more accurate golfer for your maximum distance; try for yourself!

Gateway Disc Sports offers 12 different models of golf discs in 2 unique plastics, 6 different disc golf bags, a 24-chain heavy-duty disc golf basket, as well as disc golf clothing and accessories.

Gateway Disc Sports is committed to the promotion of disc golf at the recreational and amateur levels. They sponsor PDGA Pro Tour players as well as many national PDGA Tour events and local club events all over the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Gateway Disc Sports can help you get a disc golf course installed in your area. They have experience with City, County and State Parks Departments and can handle all aspects of course installation, from planning and budgeting to installation and completion.

--- The Gateway Plastics ---


Gateway's Shur-Grip™ or "S"-series matted version of their disc plastic is a high end version of the "dx" or "d" plastic of their competitors. This type of polymer offers a firm, solid feel, grippy surface, and great performance in the rain or extreme heat. The "S"-plastic allows the disc to break in slowly without changing the flight characteristics after just a few hits.

"S"-series discs available: Wizard, Warlock, Element, Element-X, Sabre, Blaze, Hybrid, Demon, Illusion, Spirit

Evolution Pro-Line

Gateway's pro-line polymer is the Evolution™ series or "E"-series. Gateway golf discs have evolved into the front runner in polymer technology with these new polymers. The Evolution™ series polymer, a TPU from BASF, has a surface durometer of 60 D-shore. It is virtually scratch-, scuff-, dent-, crack-, and chip-proof. The durability is as good as any plastic on the market. The smooth surface and low profiles make each model a little faster while still very comfortable in your hand.

"E"-series discs available: Wizard, Warlock, Element, Element-X, Sabre, Blaze, Demon, Illusion, Speed Demon


Gateway also makes a limited number of discs available in their KILLER SuperGlow™ glow-in-the-dark plastic. You'll be very pleased with how bright the Gateway SuperGlow™ discs flouresce with only brief charging in sunlight or artificial bright light, and they keep their glow charge really well. SuperGlow™ discs include the Wizard, Warlock, Sabre, and select others in limited runs.


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