How do I choose a disc golf set?

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When it comes to getting started in disc golf, there is no shortage of questions. From choosing the right discs to assembling a disc golf set, it can be overwhelming for any beginner. As an avid player myself, I’m here to help by providing some guidance on how to choose a disc golf set that works for you!

Each disc golfer has a different playing style, so it’s important to consider yours when choosing discs for your first set. Do you like to throw very straight lines or do you prefer big turnovers and hyzers? Knowing what type of shoots you’re comfortable with will allow you to select discs that fit your style and help you become more consistent on the course.

Start With Two Putters.

Putters are one of the most important parts of a disc golf set and should always be your starting point when building or buying your first set. Pick two putters – one with a reliable straight flight for long putts and another with more fade for short putts – as they provide great control and make up the foundation of any good disc golf set.

What to consider choosing a Putter?

Since Putters are essential for any disc golf set, as they’re used to make short putts and approach shots. You’ll want to select one that feels comfortable in your hand and offers good control; choosing one with the right grip is key. Look for a putter with both straight-flight characteristics and enough fade for shorter putts – these provide great control and should be the foundation of any good disc golf set.

Distance Driver.

Distance drivers are designed to fly the longest distances and offer the most speed and glide of any other type of disc in your bag. When selecting a distance driver, make sure it is suitable for your arm speed; one that is too fast could cause instability resulting in errant throws.

Fairway Driver.

Fairway drivers are long-distance discs that can be used for a variety of shots; they’re great for those learning how to throw and for more experienced players who need extra control. When selecting a fairway driver, look for one that has a reliable flight path with plenty of glides; one that is easy to throw straight or with accurate hyzers or anhyzers will be able to accommodate any type of shot.

Mid-Range Disc.

Mid-range discs are incredibly versatile and should make up a large portion of your disc golf bag at all skill levels – from beginner to advanced players. They’re easy to control and can be used when throwing straight lines, hyzers, or turnover shots depending on how you release them.

Mid-range discs are great for approach shots when you need to hit a precise line to get close to the hole. Look for one with good control and stability so you can make accurate shots and get more distance out of your throw. Also, look for a disc with enough fade or turn at the end of the flight which will allow you to go for more creative shots.

Overstable Disc.

Overstable drivers are great when you need a disc that will fight left or right winds and still hold its line. They’re also helpful when you need to make big hyzers, as they won’t flip over mid-flight. When selecting an overstable disc, make sure you get one that is easy to throw, as this will help you better control the flight and land it where you want it.

If you’re just starting out in disc golf, it’s helpful to have at least one overstable disc in your bag since it’s an essential tool for advanced shots.

Control Driver.

Consider a Control Driver.

Control drivers are great for curving shots and getting around obstacles like trees or buildings. If you’re looking to mix up your game, adding a control driver can be beneficial; look for one with good glide and stability that will hold any line you throw it on.

Understable Driver.

Understable drivers are great for long-distance throws with plenty of fades at the end. They’re also perfect for hyzers, turnovers, and anhyzers when you need to get around obstacles or trees. Choosing one with good speed and control is essential for this type of shot.

What other factors should be taken into consideration?

> The weight of the disc is also important when selecting a set; lighter discs require less power to achieve maximum distance and accuracy while heavier discs offer more consistency and control. Experimenting with different weights until you find the right fit is key – don’t forget to bring a scale with you if possible!

> The plastic type of the disc will also affect your game; different plastics offer different levels of grip and durability. For example, premium discs are usually made from higher-quality plastics that provide more feel and control while cheaper discs can be great for beginners who need more distance out of their throws. Also, the type of plastic you choose for your disc golf set will depend on the weather conditions you’ll be playing in. If it’s hot and dry, opt for a softer plastic that is more resistant to wear and tear; if it’s cold and wet, look for a harder plastic that has more stability in the wind.

> Get Discs in Different Colors

This may seem like a trivial issue, but it’s actually important when selecting a set of disc golf discs. Having multiple colors gives you an easier time locating them on the course – especially if they blend into the environment or become hard to find after you’ve thrown them far away. Plus, it provides a more enjoyable experience overall!

> Don’t Forget Accessories.

When putting together a disc golf set, don’t forget to include some accessories as well! Besides discs, you may want to get an extra bag, towels for cleaning your discs after each use, and items like mini markers or scorecards that can come in handy during tournaments.


Choosing the right disc golf set depends on a variety of factors, including your skill level, throwing style, and budget. Taking the time to do some research and consider all these elements will ensure that you have the best possible setup for success on the course. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your current collection of discs, having the right gear at your disposal can make a huge difference in your game. Good luck and happy discing!


I love disc golf! It’s a fun family bonding activity that we enjoy together. We challenge each other with our disks and techniques on the course while also appreciating the outdoors. It’s a special bond we cherish, eagerly awaiting our next game.

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Anna Davis

Anna Davis

I love disc golf! It’s a fun family bonding activity that we enjoy together. We challenge each other with our disks and techniques on the course while also appreciating the outdoors. It’s a special bond we cherish, eagerly awaiting our next game.